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This Awesome Lady!!!

You may remember Cindi AKA AtlantaMomZilla from this post back in April 2013. http://www.2sweatbees.com/category/geocaching/ We first met her through geocacing when she found our “On The Run” travel bug and took it running with her. We are very happy to report that she has completed her FIRST marathon!!! I’ve heard many times before that in the 2nd […]

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Her New Journey

We haven’t written a shout out blog in a long time. So here’s one…. Recently, there has been a 2 Sweat Bee follower who has decided to start her own journey as well. This follower holds a special place in my heart as she is my youngest sister and her name is Jessica. She has […]

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This Lady!!!!

2 Sweat Bee SHOUT OUT to Anna. This BEEutiful lady has been working hard to make a healthy change in her life. She has had ups and downs like ALL of us and we are so proud of her for working towards better health. Thank you for being a part of this fine group of […]

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Funny Runners…..

….. Yes we look funny but we are improving our health. Get out and run!! Don’t worry about how you look while running, just get started! Danielle and I never care how we look while running because we are taking steps to better our lives not to just cross the finish line. The only direction […]

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I’ve Got Sunshine….

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way…… SKYLER!!!!!   Today we were showered with a LOVELY gift. Our buddy Skyler brought us this awesome gift. We have been talking about getting one like this […]

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The Primal Challenge

A few weeks ago I was SCARED to death to run the Primal Challenge. Well, come to find out, there was no reason to be scared. We had some hard obstacles to complete and some horrible hills. It may have hit us hard but we fought back even harder! The 2 Sweat Bees and our […]

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