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3 Years Running!!!

This is an image from our very first running event exactly 3 years ago. Seems like so much has changed since then. This run was a 1 mile fun run and we questioned whether or not we could even finish it. You can tell from our goofy grins that this “fun run” was igniting something within […]

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Forming a healthy habit

Back in October I was feeling very frustrated about my fitness level and texted my friend Skyler about it. She knew I was trying very hard to stay motivated and told me that if I stick to a routine for 66 days it would become a habit. This felt impossible but I appreciated the effort […]

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2 Years & Counting…

We started blogging on October 16, 2012. At that point we had no idea what we were starting but we knew it would be a tool to help us focus on our health. Looking back at where we started and where we are now is a little crazy for us. Have we gotten healthier? YES! […]

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Strive for PROGRESS not Perfection!

Update….2SweatBees has been through a lot since we started up this commitment to health. Like most folks, we have experienced many ups and downs with our fitness goals. There have been times where we were really on track with working out but not so much on eating nutritional meals AND times we were really on […]

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The Buddy System

Have you ever been so excited to get on the health-kick wagon and you started off alone and excited? You did great for a long time and then slowly you started going downhill? I’m almost 100% sure that we have all been there before. When I started my journey, I did it alone. I had […]

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Starting All Over

It’s been a while……. I have to admit, I have fallen way off the wagon. I thought that I had done so good and thought I would never go back to where I was. Boy was I ever wrong. I feel like I am starting all over from scratch. I have gained weight back and […]

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Being Positive

So, a few years ago, I had this thought in my head to start respecting my body and my mind more. Meaning, I chose health. My life felt like it was quickly taking a turn for the worse before I made that decision. I was constantly having headaches and back issues. I did not respect […]

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Moving Forward….

Well, last year was an interesting one! We started out really motivated and we were working out and running 5K races as often as possible. We made some great changes to our health and got more involved in our community. Then August happened…. Sweat Bee Danielle decided to finish her bachelor’s degree and that meant […]

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Tunnel Vision!!

“I needed to make sure that ever single day represented a step toward the woman I was determined to be.”- Tory Johnson author of The Shift.   Recently, I started reading The Shift. With this book I also started a 30 day Ab challenge. So far I’m on day 5 of the challenge and chapter 5 […]

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