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Trick or TREAT

It’s that time of year again! The little fun-sized devils are calling my name. One year we ended up with so much candy, I told my kids it wasn’t allowed in the house. So, what did we do? We stood outside on the porch and ate it. Not this year!! I will definitely limit the amount […]

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4th of July workouts!!

Again, just browsing Pinterest looking for something 2sweatBees could post to challenge or motivate all of you and I ran across a pin that took me to a cool blog with several workout options all fitting the theme of Independence day. Here is a link to Shh….Fit Happens http://shhfithappens.com/2013/07/03/happy-4th-of-july-workouts/ Shout out for the name of this blog […]

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Color Run?? Try one of these:

I ran across this article that lists tons of color themed runs…..enjoy! Click this link for ALL the information: http://blog.gametiime.com/2013/03/27/who-else-wants-a-list-of-all-the-color-runs/   Highlight from this blog post: Who else wants a list of ALL the color runs? Posted on March 27, 2013 *** 5/12/14 — We’ve updated our list of color runs for 2014. Find it here! *** There […]

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Sticking With A Workout Routine…

So I ran across this article today via www.sparkpeople.com and though you guys might like it:                         14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine   Stop Failure Before it Starts   — By Julie Isphording, former Olympian Throw away the bathing suit you […]

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Weighing In

What value do you place on your bathroom scale? I always hear people say such negative things about themselves when it comes to their weight. I have been guilty of this for years but I have let myself realize IT IS JUST A NUMBER! It’s not about getting to the same weight you were in […]

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Funny Runners…..

….. Yes we look funny but we are improving our health. Get out and run!! Don’t worry about how you look while running, just get started! Danielle and I never care how we look while running because we are taking steps to better our lives not to just cross the finish line. The only direction […]

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  http://www.runningday.org/ check out this website for more information!! Claim your badge! We want to know why you run so fill it out “I RUN……” We would like to wish everyone a very happy National Running Day! Please take some time today to lace up those running shoes and go run! If you can’t run then […]

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