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4th of July workouts!!

Again, just browsing Pinterest looking for something 2sweatBees could post to challenge or motivate all of you and I ran across a pin that took me to a cool blog with several workout options all fitting the theme of Independence day. Here is a link to Shh….Fit Happens http://shhfithappens.com/2013/07/03/happy-4th-of-july-workouts/ Shout out for the name of this blog […]

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Sticking With A Workout Routine…

So I ran across this article today via www.sparkpeople.com and though you guys might like it:                         14 Tips for Starting and Sticking with a Workout Routine   Stop Failure Before it Starts   — By Julie Isphording, former Olympian Throw away the bathing suit you […]

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Stretching Challenge!!

I think stretching is an important thing for everyone to do so I have decided to pull several sources of info. on stretching and you can decide which stretches are right for you. I figure any stretching is better than no stretching at all. As always, please consult your doctor before attempting any new physical […]

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Weighing In

What value do you place on your bathroom scale? I always hear people say such negative things about themselves when it comes to their weight. I have been guilty of this for years but I have let myself realize IT IS JUST A NUMBER! It’s not about getting to the same weight you were in […]

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Whats Your Fitness Name?

We recently posted the picture “What’s Your Fitness Name?” on our Facebook page. We had such a great response, we decided to go ahead and make a blog post out of it. So, what’s your fitness name?

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Announcing February Challenge……

Tomorrow (January 31st) is the last day of our 12-day challenge. So that means two things are in order: BRAG REPORT!!! Write in and tell us all about how you rocked our challenge. We want to hear if you lost weight or  feel better or if this was the type of challenge you might like […]

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Tunnel Vision!!

“I needed to make sure that ever single day represented a step toward the woman I was determined to be.”- Tory Johnson author of The Shift.   Recently, I started reading The Shift. With this book I also started a 30 day Ab challenge. So far I’m on day 5 of the challenge and chapter 5 […]

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Funny Runners…..

….. Yes we look funny but we are improving our health. Get out and run!! Don’t worry about how you look while running, just get started! Danielle and I never care how we look while running because we are taking steps to better our lives not to just cross the finish line. The only direction […]

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How about some Halloween fitness?

With Halloween approaching, we thought you might like to get in the spirit of this fun holiday by trying this workout. Let us know which exercise you enjoy more! http://sarahaley.com/motivational-mondays/treat-yourself-to-some-halloween-exercises/

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