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The Primal Challenge

A few weeks ago I was SCARED to death to run the Primal Challenge. Well, come to find out, there was no reason to be scared. We had some hard obstacles to complete and some horrible hills. It may have hit us hard but we fought back even harder! The 2 Sweat Bees and our […]

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Okay fellow sweat bees, here is your March challenge!! This one will be tough but it will help you tone up before you go swimsuit shopping. NOTE: If you have trouble doing any of these exercises then feel free to modify or swap out an exercise for one you are more comfortable with. If you […]

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Learned Behavior

Have you ever wondered how your behavior effects your children? Well, I have answered that question myself over the past couple of months. My daughters have caught on to me running and have seen how happy it makes me. So, they figured they would try it out themselves. My oldest will be 8 in a […]

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CAC Glow Run 2013

What do you do to give back? Well, Danielle and I have been focusing on 5k’s. It has become a big part of our lives when it comes to getting healthy. We have so many planned out but one thing that we look out before signing up is where the money goes. Last year, our […]

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On The Run TravelBug…..

  My USTA tennis team was represented in both races this morning 1/13/13.  This is the TB with the captains on a very early morning after we clinched our division 30-0 yesterday! -Cindi   Back in November, the 2SweatBees ran their first 5k in Dallas, TX and to mark this milestone we set out a […]

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21 Day Challenge!

It’s a New Year so why not try for a new challenge. The 2 Sweat Bees are proposing a 21 day challenge starting on January 10, 2013 and ending on January 31, 2013. This challenge will be easy but challenging. It’s really all about mind over matter and starting a new lifestyle. You have to […]

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The Color Run 2012!

Danielle, Tim and I did another 5k this weekend. We did the Color Run in Little Rock, AR. It was FANTASTIC!!!! We arrived in Little Rock on Friday night all prepared to get colorful on Saturday morning. The lines of people waiting to cross the starting line was AMAZING!! Today, I looked up an article […]

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So, Friday after work we drove to Texas! We did our very first 5k. It wasn’t just any 5k, it was a MESSY one with tons of obstacles. We did awesome! This was a spur of the moment thing. On Monday of last week Danielle asked if I wanted to do one. We had little […]

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