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2 Years & Counting…

We started blogging on October 16, 2012. At that point we had no idea what we were starting but we knew it would be a tool to help us focus on our health. Looking back at where we started and where we are now is a little crazy for us. Have we gotten healthier? YES! […]

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Announcing February Challenge……

Tomorrow (January 31st) is the last day of our 12-day challenge. So that means two things are in order: BRAG REPORT!!! Write in and tell us all about how you rocked our challenge. We want to hear if you lost weight or  feel better or if this was the type of challenge you might like […]

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Costume Ideas For Running Events

We love to dress up when we go to a 5k! With Halloween around the corner we are seeing lots of advertisements for running events that encourage costumes. Click on the links below to find some great running costume ideas.     We tend to dress up even if there isn’t a costume theme just […]

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In just a few short days, the 2 Sweat Bees will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of starting our blog. On October 16th, 2012 we made our first post to this blog and we have grown so much since then. We never imagined we would be where we are today. We have had so […]

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September Challenge

Recently, we were asked to bring back the 21 Day Challenge that we featured back in January. We agreed and decided to turn it up a notch. Instead of 21 days, we have up’d it to the whole month of September. The more people we can get involved the better it will be! Group challenges […]

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Lifestyle Change Contract with Yourself

Lately, I have had a lot going and can honestly say I have been backsliding a lot. Danielle and I have recently been told our gym time must change and we can no longer go together during work hours. We were upset at first. The longer I think about it, it does not bother me […]

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30 Day Challenge!!

IT’S OFFICIAL……these 2 Sweat Bees are now 30 years old!!!! So, we would like you to help us celebrate this new milestone in our lives with a 30 day challenge!! We know everyone has their own level of fitness so we have designed this one with something for everyone. There are 5 different challenges, pick […]

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!!! GIVEAWAY !!! In celebration of the 2 Sweat Bee’s birthdays this month, we have decided to do another giveaway! It is an xl (18-20 in around) knee brace from Mueller Sports Medicine. You can visit our recent review of this product to get more information. In order to win this brace, you must send […]

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  http://www.runningday.org/ check out this website for more information!! Claim your badge! We want to know why you run so fill it out “I RUN……” We would like to wish everyone a very happy National Running Day! Please take some time today to lace up those running shoes and go run! If you can’t run then […]

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Win a box of assorted Quench Gum!!!

Here is what you need to do for a chance to win: Share this post on your Facebook page then leave us a comment on our blog post.   We will do a random drawing from the comments on our blog then announce the winner on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013. YAY! Our first 2SweatBees prize drawing!!!!   […]

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