Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

September Challenge

logo_notransRecently, we were asked to bring back the 21 Day Challenge that we featured back in January. We agreed and decided to turn it up a notch. Instead of 21 days, we have up’d it to the whole month of September. The more people we can get involved the better it will be! Group challenges are always the best. This challenge will be easy but challenging. It’s really all about mind over matter and starting a new lifestyle. You have to start somewhere in order to be successful. We want to hear from you on how your progress goes with this challenge. Send us a comment so we can help motivate and keep up with you! Remember, it’s all mind over matter and commitment! Also, make sure you and your friends go like our Facebook page. We will have an events page where everyone can contribute their comments there as well. Keep us updated on your progress!!



No Junk Food Challenge