Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

Lifestyle Change Contract with Yourself

Lately, I have had a lot going and can honestly say I have been backsliding a lot. Danielle and I have recently been told our gym time must change and we can no longer go together during work hours. We were upset at first. The longer I think about it, it does not bother me much anymore. When I first started my lifestyle change, I did not go to the gym. I would wait until my husband and kids would go to bed and I would break out the Wii games! I started out by playing Gold’s Gym Cardio Kickboxing.  The longer I did it and was more confident in myself, I did not care if they watched or not. I could see the benefits from working out, changing my diet, and getting enough sleep. I was committed. I kept going and had family medical issues as well as some of my own. That slowed me down but I was still determined. I hit a huge milestone and lost 70 lbs. That was a huge deal to me and a few of my friends. But, after we celebrated, months and months later I started slowing down and it was not a big priority to me to eat as healthy as much anymore. I kept exercising and eating somewhat healthy off and on. It didn’t take to long for me to realize you must have a healthy diet as well as an exercise schedule to see any results. You won’t see results unless you have both!


A few months ago my family sat down to watch a movie. It was called Courageous. During this movie, the fathers decided to put together a “Resolution”. It was almost like a contract that they vow to take care of their family and put them first. This group of men made a commitment to something they believed in so much. With this contract, the men had a ceremony and all signed with their family close by. They then took the framed contract and displayed it proudly in their homes.  This made me think, if those men can be dedicated to something that means so much to them, why can’t we? If being healthy means that much to us, we should make a “Resolution”. We should all commit to taking making a permanent change in our lives. As a mother, I have never been able to be selfish, until now! I must make sure I can be healthy for the future of me and my family.


With all this being said, Danielle and I have worked on a contract that we will both sign to make the necessary changes in our lives. We must all hold ourselves accountable. It helps to have people along the way to encourage and help you when you need them as well as the constant reminder of a commitment that you made. Read over this contract and if you agree to do this with us, please comment with your name.  When you comment, this will work as your signature. You may also print this out and frame it so you will be reminded daily of the commitment you have made to yourself. We look forward to resetting our lifestyle for the good and invite you to join us!


If you would like a pdf version of the contract, feel free to email us at 2sweatbees@gmail.com.


NOTE: Please take necessary precautions before attempting any challenges we may post on this blog or following any advice we may give as we are just two girls trying to get fit. In no way are we professionals. Consult your doctor or nutritionist before making changes to your eating habits, workout routine, etc.


Healthy Lifestyle Change Contract with Myself