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Monthly Archives / March 2013


Goals………. What is a goal? I best describe it as something you work hard for to achieve. In order to reach a goal, you have to push and fight for it. I think we all have goals, even if it is not one that we have made verbally. But, in order to reach a goal, […]

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Okay fellow sweat bees, here is your March challenge!! This one will be tough but it will help you tone up before you go swimsuit shopping. NOTE: If you have trouble doing any of these exercises then feel free to modify or swap out an exercise for one you are more comfortable with. If you […]

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You Can Do It!

  The minute you read this pick something in your life…..anything at all that you want to change…..to improve. Now start making an effort to do so. Call up a friend and become workout buddies, vow not to sit through TV commercials, add a new veggie to your diet, lace up those running shoes, swap […]

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