Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

Welcome to our blog!!!

Hi, Welcome to our blog. We are very excited about this project and hope you will enjoy it and contribute to it by leaving us comments of advice and encouragement.  Our names are Danielle and Sandra, we are friends and co-workers who go to the gym everyday after work and SWEAT our little bee-hinds off. Well, at least that is the goal. We have been in the gym since late April 2012 and have been making progress, however, we are not done yet and want to share our story with you as we eventually meet our fitness goals. Sandra has already lost over 50 pounds!!!! she is looking bee-utiful! I on the other hand have lost NOTHING 🙁 but I have made huge progress in the gym and my next big step is the dreaded diet. I’ll need a lot of encouragement as I commit to eating healthy for life. Sandra and I try to have fun with everything we do whether it is work or working out. We also share a fun sense of humor and have families who keep us pretty busy. You are sure to find some aspect of this blog/our lives that you can relate to. Here’s to our health and this blogging adventure!