Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

First 5k

Okay, so we have finally decided to run our first 5K! Are we ready? Nope! hahaha but we are pushing ourselves past our comfort zones. Sometimes you have to do that to keep yourself going. Lately we have both experienced a lack of motivation. Part of our reason for starting this blog was to keep ourselves on track. We’ve been working hard to get in shape but we have fallen into the same (now boring) routine at the gym. We are looking for ways to change things up so we stay interested. This 5K is going to give us a whole new challenge. I am nervous and not sure how we will do but I am very excited. So, here is my challenge for you: Sign up for a 1 mile fun run, 5K, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, something…….ANYTHING to show us some support. Once you sign up write in to let us know all about it 🙂 Here are a few websites that might help you choose one:




Try to sign up for something in 2012 if you can!!

The 5K that we have signed up for is in November so send us words of encouragement as we work hard to prepare for it. Sandra and I will post more information and pictures soon.