Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

Repunzel, Pascal & Nemo Slay Disney Marathon

  Congratulations to Catherine and Cindi for running the Disney Marathon and to Cindi’s husband Joel for running the Disney Half!! Catherine and Cindi rocked the Disney Marathon just like we knew they would. These two ladies are seriously amazing and we love hearing about their running adventures. For this race they had to wake […]

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110 To Honor 9/11

  Today is a day to honor those who gave their lives to save others in the 9/11 attacks. So many people lost their lives doing what they do everyday. These people were going to work to support their families. These people were moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, firefighters, service men and women, first-responders, police […]

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110 for 9/11

A friend of ours asked us to join the University of Arkansas Army ROTC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. The challenge that morning is to walk up 110 flights of stairs (the height of the World Trade Center) to remember the fallen 9/11 first responders. We think this is a great event and would like to […]

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2015-07-26 12.35.20

Water Bottle Rafting…….

Many of you may remember our post back in May of 2014. We posted a picture of our water bottle raft that we had worked so hard on. The raft included 92 water bottles, 2 rolls of duct tape, 5 tubes of caulking, lots of creativity, and later LOTS of saran wrap. We were so […]

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Woulda – Coulda -Shoulda

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas Layin’ in the sun, Talkin’ bout the things They woulda-coulda-shoulda done… But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas All ran away and hid From one little did. -Shel Silverstein   I’ve been overweight for several years now and I am tired of it. I have had times where I have met goals and made great […]

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This Awesome Lady!!!

You may remember Cindi AKA AtlantaMomZilla from this post back in April 2013. http://www.2sweatbees.com/category/geocaching/ We first met her through geocacing when she found our “On The Run” travel bug and took it running with her. We are very happy to report that she has completed her FIRST marathon!!! I’ve heard many times before that in the 2nd […]

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Throw Back Thursday!!

A little fun for Throw Back Thursday!! Leon crossing the finish line at the Cow Paddy Run in 2013. Way to go Leon!!   Sandra/Danielle being silly trying to post a “sweaty check-in” LOL   Sandra/Danielle showing off our awesome capes after volunteering at the “Run for a Child” event in 2013.   Sandra with […]

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After Color

Feeling Nostalgic (1st 5K)

This is from our first 5K back in 2012. We had so much fun!! If y’all haven’t done “The Color Run” yet and don’t mind getting so colorful that you need a few showers to clean up…you should sign up for one

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3 Years Running!!!

This is an image from our very first running event exactly 3 years ago. Seems like so much has changed since then. This run was a 1 mile fun run and we questioned whether or not we could even finish it. You can tell from our goofy grins that this “fun run” was igniting something within […]

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You are the only one that knows the battle you are going through but you choose not to share it. I find myself thinking this all the time. It’s true! No one really knows how you feel because they aren’t in your situation. So, why not share it? Over the weekend, I was camping and […]

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